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BAP at theatre – Season 2023


Each of our plays has been carefully crafted to suit a different age group, taking into account the vocabulary and grammatical complexity of each level and selecting stories and characters that make students feel deeply engaged in the play. All our plays have an excellent light display, and distinctive, top quality set and costumes.
Our performances are an unforgettable experience in which no detail is left aside.


Reginald, an adolescent fighting his fate since he was born and making up his mind what to do in the near future after he graduates, will have to make a tough decision and confront Flora, his overprotective mother, who wants him to go to Harvard to study law and become president of his country. Bob, his father, doubts about this though he tries to support his wife’s wish. At school Reginald’s friends bully him at first but thanks to Carol, who he is secretly in love with, and the presence of a shrink. Reggie will be able to find his vocation and accomplish his dreams. He loves music and singing as well as Carol. Will Flora and Bob resist Reggie’s turn of the screw? Will Carol accept his love? Will he be able to live on music and singing?

Come and see for yourself, my friend. You’ll love this play full of humour, tenderness, friendship and more.